Westshore Community Literacy Plan


Municipalities of Colwood, Highlands, Langford and Metchosin 2009/ 2010
A collaborative effort of the Westshore Literacy Now Task Group, Community Partners and Supporters

Executive Summary

This community literacy plan includes the four municipalities of Colwood, Highlands, Langford and Metchosin, otherwise known as the Westshore. This region is located just west of Victoria, the capital city of British Columbia. These municipalities are very diverse and range from rural natural settings to bustling, developing city cores. The main town cores of Colwood and Langford offers the majority of services for the area, including recreation, libraries, commercial retail and small industry. The outlying areas of Metchosin and Highlands are rural/ residential and have little commercial development. The region designated in this plan has 13 elementary schools, 3 middle schools, as well as secondary schools and two post-secondary institutions.

The Westshore Literacy Now Initiative began with an Expression of Interest submitted by the School District 62 in December 2007. A decision was made to have the District divided into two areas, separated by their distinct characteristics. This led to a Sooke plan being created, followed by the Westshore Plan. Both plans would be incorporated into the creation of SD 62 District Literacy Plan. A Community Literacy Plan
Coordinator was hired to continue facilitating the Literacy Now process and oversee the completion of a community literacy plan. The Westshore Literacy Now planning process began in December 2008 with a meeting of interested individuals and community representatives. This meeting established the Literacy Now task group and identified others who should be contacted. A “soft” Launch was held during January and February, where presentations were made to mayors and councils of the four municipalities, as well as the local Chamber of Commerce.

Over the following months, a community profile and a literacy asset inventory were developed. This information was then brought forward at a community meeting in May 2009. Strengths, needs and challenges in local literacy related programming and services were identified, as well as key areas of focus. This was then reviewed by focus groups, community cafes and meetings with various groups and organizations.
Goals and objectives were established and resources, success statements and timelines produced. The draft plan was created and presented to the task group and community members for review. A final plan was then submitted to 2010 Legacies Now for approval.

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